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Get everything you need to successfully launch NinjaTrix in your own school!

- Complete 24-month curriculum modules, fully online

Can be viewed on a tablet, phone, or computer or printed

- Anyone can teach these lessons regardless of professional experience

- Instructor videos to see the moves before teaching in-class

- Access to the Ninja Vault

- Marketing/Student Retention tools

- Digital media for your school's website, social media pages

- Printed media for your community, such as flyers and brochures

- Facebook group

- Connect with our NinjaTrix family online!

- Online landing page for your school

- Don't have a website? No problem! We can provide you an online landing page that promotes NinjaTrix at your school. Get started now for $25/month!

- Black Belt Excellence Program (FREE with NinjaTrix membership, a $75 value)

- Teach your students skills they can use on and off the mat, such as focus, self-esteem, confidence, and more

- Business consultation with martial arts business coach, Greg Silva

- Get the most out of your NinjaTrix program, grow your student list, and be successful as a martial arts owner




Kids love the 10 piece obstacle course, complete with the obstacles they love from American Ninja Warrior, such as slant steps, barriers, and hurdles. The obstacles are set up on a 42 foot long strip of carpet bond, specially developed for safety so the obstacles remain secured to the floor as kids move through them. 

Your students won't get bored with NinjaTrix - through the duration of our 24-month curriculum, your obstacle course will be reconfigured 96 different ways! That's 96 separate courses for your students to keep them excited, engaged, and motivated!


You and your instructors do not have to be gymnasts or parkour experts to teach NinjaTrix classes! Our curriculum teaches you everything from how to spot, how to make your classes safe, and how to make your program take care of your students. 

Our comprehensive curriculum spans 24 months, consisting of 5 minute blocks of information for each lesson. Each class gives your students a new martial art skill, a parkour skill, and a gymnastic skill. The curriculum is 100% digital and accessible through your Ninja Vault. This means that prepping for your classes is as easy as pulling out your phone and view the day's lesson plan. Through a combination of written and video lessons, the 5 minute blurbs detail how to set up your course for the day, what to do on the floor, and how to make your class successful.


NinjaTrix gives you the tools to promote your program in your community. Our media library includes brochures and rack cards for printed material, as well as a variety of digital pieces for your website, Facebook, and other online advertising

We even provide you with everything you need to promote NinjaTrix birthday parties, creating another revenue stream for your school!

Enroll today and attract more students with NinjaTrix!


Studies show that program-specific landing pages increase conversion rates. But these extra leads come at a cost: digital agencies often charge expensive rates to develop a single page, not to mention additional hosting fees and domain name costs. 

We have a solution for you: Ninja Trix Landing Page Services! 

We can provide you with a landing page that you can use to promote both NinjaTrix and your school. Place your custom address on your school's Facebook, business cards, and more to advertise your NinjaTrix program, generate leads, and gain more students. 

Unlike other agencies, we don't add on development, set-up, hosting, or domain name fees. You simply provide us with your school's information, pay just $25 per month, and we do the rest!


We understand: you’re busy. Running your school is lots of work. Let the Black Belt Excellence program remove the guesswork from teaching valuable life skills to your students. 

The Black Belt Excellence program shows parents that you teach more than punching and kicking. This program builds life skills through newsletter lessons that students complete and discuss during classes and review at home. The lessons help teach your students courage, positive thinking, focus, and more.

Each month you get digital student newsletters, student rewards, weekly class videos, mat chats and many more supporting digital assets for social media and Zoom.

Think it can’t get any better? It can!
The entire Black Belt Excellence program is FREE for all members of NinjaTrix!


Business coach Greg Silva is offering coaching sessions to all NinjaTrix members! ($50/20 minute blocks)

Mr. Silva is a martial arts business speaker and instructor who has created or assisted in creating multiple martial arts programs and organizations. He operated 5 schools with 2000 combined students, but later relocated to Florida, where he created East West Karate: a single martial arts school of 1200 students. A martial arts millionaire by age 40, he also created a martial arts software and billing company. 

Book your consultation today to learn how to get the most out of your NinjaTrix program, grow your student list, and be successful as a martial arts school owner! 


Overview: What is it? The NinjaTrix program acts as a bridge between your existing martial arts program, gymnastics, and parkour, the tricking discipline that’s popular with kids! NinjaTrix is easy to implement, and can be added to your school as an upgrade program or a standalone program. 

Channel new students to your existing martial arts programs! We understand that you’re passionate about your martial arts program. That’s why NinjaTrix won’t replace your existing martial arts program. Instead, it’s a complement – NinjaTrix can serve as a feeder program for new and potential students. Your NinjaTrix students will gain basic foundational skills in the martial arts, which can then channel those students into your martial arts program. In this way, NinjaTrix gives you the opportunity to enroll students in BOTH programs.

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